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Send someone on a culinary adventure to discover some of the worlds' most exciting flavours with this spice subscription. Each month, The Spicery send out kits containing a recipe and all the freshly ground spices required to create the dish.

The Spicery invented the world's first recipe kit subscription way back in 2006 and have been refining it ever since!

Every month, they develop recipes and then grind and blend the fresh spice mixes, before measuring them into individual portions ready to post them through thousands of letterboxes of home cooks around the world.

At the end of every month The Spicery will send you new recipes to explore so that you can customise your subscription to suit your tastes, skip boxes if you're going to be away.

£28.00 3 Month Subscription
£48.00 6 Month Subscription
£88.00 12 Month Subscription
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The first delivery will be a 'Voucher Pack' which includes; A free introductory spice kit, a gift card with a personalised message and a redemption code, a welcome leaflet explaining how it works and how to redeem the rest of the subscription and a folder to keep all your recipes together.

There are a number of different subscription types to choose from, all of which can be subscribed to for 3, 6 or 12 months;

Some favourites include:

’Friday Night Curry Discoverer’ The ideal gift for curry lovers - each monthly spicebox contains a colourful recipe card and all the fresh spices you need to create a delicious curry and sensational side dishes to impress family and friends! Serves 4 people.

’World Kitchen Explorer’Satisfy your taste for adventure and explore exciting new flavours each month; each monthly spicebox contains a colourful recipe card and all the fresh spices you need to create a delicious feast of world food to serve 4 people

’Date Night’The perfect present for any couple who wants to travel the world from their kitchen! Each month, you'll receive a recipe and all the fresh spices you need to create a romantic meal for 2 from somewhere new around the world!

Food Truck An exciting fusion-themed subscription dedicated to dishes you'd find in Food Trucks across the globe. Contains a colourful recipe card and all the fresh spices you need to create a fantastic spread for 4 people; the main dish plus tasty sides and condiments!

Can be gifted Gift card available to send to recipient Will fit through a letterbox Subscription can be paused The frequency of deliveries can be tailored
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The Spicery

The Spicery was started by James Ransome in 2005. James had worked as a chef in some of the top restaurants in the UK and Australia and spent prolonged periods travelling in Indian and South-East Asia, this really fuelled his interest in food.

He began selling spices on a market stall in Bath. After overhearing many customers’ conversations commenting on how they wouldn’t know what to do with a lot of his exotic spices he came up with the genius idea of selling the spices in kits, along with a recipe card for particular dishes. This evolved into sending the kits out via mail order. They are now a team of 20 and are supplying over 75,000 customers worldwide. Well done James!

When purchasing this subscription you can choose to get the first delivery sent to yourself or the giftee.

The first box will be sent within 48 hours unless you have specified for it to be sent to coincide with a particular date e.g. for a birthday or Christmas.

The first box includes a code which the giftee can use on The Spicery’s website to choose their preferred spice kits and delivery address.

Subsequent deliveries are sent out at the end of every month. However, if the giftee redeems their subscription with the code on the 15th or later the next box will arrive at the end of the following month.

The boxes can fit through the letterbox so there is no need for the recipient to be in to receive it.