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It’s coffee, just not how you know it. Cafédirect's experts scramble through jungles, up mountains and across oceans in a quest to find unusual and delicious varieties.

Each month their favourite finds are sent out to subscribers in the format of their choice, ground or wholebean.

Free someone from the mediocrity of supermarket coffee with a Cafédirect coffee subscription.

£7.95 1 Month Discovery Club Subscription
£7.95 1 Month Roaster’s Choice Decaf Subscription
£24.00 3 Month Subscription
£45.00 6 Month Subscription
£85.00 12 Month Subscription
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Each month you will receive a 250g of coffee (ground or whole bean, your choice) in a resealable bag, accompanied by its own tasting booklet, giving insight into why the Cafédirect experts chose the coffee, its history and origins, tasting notes and brewing tips.

These packages fit nicely through the letter box and are perfect for storage in a busy freezer.

Can be gifted Will fit through a letterbox Subscription can be paused Gift confirmation immediately printable The frequency of deliveries can be tailored
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Cafédirect love coffee and are dedicated to sourcing outstanding single-estate coffees from around the world. Beautiful, freshly-roasted brews that you won’t find in the usual places - delivered straight to your doorstep, once a month.

They also share their specialist coffee knowledge on how to get the best out of your coffee - how to make it, how to enjoy its perkily unique characteristics - and reveal some of the remarkable stories behind each one.

In 2014, the UK’s biggest Fairtrade drinks company, Cafédirect, acquired the Kopi coffee club and continues to manage and grow the subscription coffee business.

We were very pleased when we received our first Cafédirect subscription into the AYSO offices. From the stylish matt black resealable bag to the beautifully presented tasting notes.

Coffee lovers and foodies will appreciate the very descriptive and complex bean variety / growing condition analysis which all culminates in a very specific identification of flavours and aromas... we however loved the typeface and visual layout of the tasting notes and of course, drinking the coffee.

The coffee may well have gone, but the tasting notes are still on the wall, not only to remind us of the typeface, but what its like to receive the gift of a great tasting coffee through the post.

When gifting this subscription you will receive a unique code to pass on to the recipient and a PDF gift certificate to print out and give to them on the day.

The recipient can choose when they receive their first delivery by visiting the Cafédirect website and entering the code from the pdf/printout.

They will be notified by email each time an order has been dispatched and the cost of the delivery is included in the subscription price.