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A RiSE subscription box is for coffee lovers, from coffee lovers. 

This is not your average coffee subscription. RiSE are brewing change…

Savour taste-tested freshly roasted delicious beans and discover up to two handpicked independent roasters every month. 1% of sales donated to the coffee farming community

£23.50 12 Month Auto Cancel Subscription
£24.00 6 Month Auto Cancel Subscription
£25.00 3 Month Auto Cancel Subscription
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RiSE want to enhance your coffee experience, one subscription box at a time, featuring two independent roasters every month.

Every month, you'll discover two different coffee varieties and flavours and learn all about your coffee's journey from bean to bag. You'll hear stories from roasters as well as tips to get the most out of your coffee. RiSE also pop in an extra treat from emerging food and drink brands they love, alongside an easy, fun recipe to try.

Select the type of coffee you prefer (Whole bean, Ground Coarse (Cafetiere or French Press), Ground Medium (AeroPress or V60 or Chemex), Fine (espresso or moka pot), Decaf Whole Bean or Decaf Ground) and then the duration of the Gift subscription. You’re in control of the brew type, quantity and frequency.

By signing up for the gift subscription, you will be charged each month for the selected period and the subscription will be auto-cancelled at the end of the period.

Can be gifted Subscription can be paused The frequency of deliveries can be tailored Subscription can be upgraded
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RiSE Coffee Box

A RiSE subscription box is for coffee lovers, from coffee lovers. Rise will always deliver you independent, sustainable and premium coffee. They have strong beliefs about changes that are needed in the coffee industry and work hard with partners to ensure they are acting in a responsible way.

RiSE coffee box blind taste 25-30 coffees and the top 2-4 to make it into the box. From the smallest roasters nestled in the countryside to London’s largest and most popular cafes, RiSE try coffee from far and wide to bring you only the best.

From farmer's wages to being plastic-free and kind to our planet, RiSE will always be working to be a sustainable, ethically-minded business.

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