Introducing your Saviours from Gift Giving Mediocrity...


Here at A Year’s Supply Of, I’m sure you’ve guessed that we love subscription gifts, however, what we love even more are subscription gift suppliers.

We’re pleased to be listing some of the finest gift subscriptions available to recipients in the UK and we make no bones that our starting line-up consists largely of suppliers sourced via affiliate programmes, however, what makes us really proud is the relationships that we’ve built with the artisan’s, the small guys, the pioneers and stamp lickers of the Subscription Commerce movement here in the UK.

We’ve taken our time to seek out and source our subscription partners and it has definitely been worth it. We think they are a perfect fit for A Year’s Supply Of and we're very pleased to have them onboard.

So without further ado, let’s introduce these brave subscriptionistas, our founding suppliers and your saviours from mediocre gift giving:

Macaron Subscription by La Dinette

We found La Dinette's Macaron Subcription whilst looking for something completely different, but when we found it and its founder and chief macaron maker Sarah, we had to have them on the site. Made using only the best organic and natural ingredients, this unique subscription is available in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions and is perfect for a monthly sweet treat.

Read more about La Dinette's Macaron Subscription

Cocktail Subscription by Taste Cocktails

This one's great for sharing...or is it! When we discovered this delightful monthly cocktail subscription, we knew we had to list it on AYSO. Each month, Taste Cocktails send out a beautifully presented box of cocktail mixers and recipe booklet for you to make 6 different cocktails.  The question is whether you indulge in all six or mix it up with friends. Please drink responsibly...

Read more about Taste Cocktails Cocktail Subscription

Coffee Subscription by Kopi

We'd been looking for a coffee subscription for some time and then we found Kopi Coffee, so we stopped looking. This coffee subscription takes you on journey around the world to discover the best coffee, from the best farms. Freshly roasted in the UK and delivered right through your door in slimline packets along with beautifully presented and informative tasting notes.

Read more about Kopi Coffee's Coffee Subscription

Baby Book Club by Routes to Reading

Shaping young minds... This unique book subscription for children up to the age of 3 provides two age appropriate books every month for the duration of your choice. A great way to guide the development of young minds and keep mummy and daddy  on the right path.

Read more about baby book club subscriptions from Routes to Reading 

Read more about Meg Rivers Cake Subscription

Cake Subscription by Meg Rivers

It's always cake o'clock somewhere... and at our office, sometimes twice a day, so we were very pleased to welcome the beautiful cakes from Meg RIers into the AYSO fold. Why stop at one cake to celebrate when you can have a different one every month.

Read more about Meg Rivers Cake Subscription

Read more about Vinoa's Wine Subscription

Wine Subscription by Vinoa

Wine, but maybe not as you know it. This beautifully presented selection of 4 unique wines produced by celebrated independent wine growers, delivers a wine tasting experience each and every month.

Read more about Vinoa's Wine Subscription

Read more about The Spicery's Spice Subscription

Spice Subscription by The Spicery

Discover some of the worlds' most exciting flavours with this spice subscription. Each kit contains a recipe card and all the freshly ground spices required to create some truly exotic dishes.

Read more about The Spicery's Spice Subscription

French Food Subscription Box by Bonjour French Food

The French embrace food like the British embrace their cups of tea. It is something to be savoured alongside good company and even better wine. Started as a service for French ex-pats that missed authentic food from home, we were relieved to find out that you don't actually have to be French to be gifted these mouthwatering monthly treats.

Team AYSO may not comprise of any French ex-pats, but we love a good manger, so we were very pleased to welcome Bonjour French Food into the fold. Allez les bleus.

Read more about Bonjour French Food's Subscription Box 

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