AYSO Welcomes Sterling Shave Club


A sterling addition to the AYSO fold; Sterling Shave Club

A great gift doesn’t always have to be indulgent, sometimes the best gifts just make someone’s life that little bit easier. Subscriptions are a way of automating regular purchases, one less thing to think about and in many cases buying this way comes with a hefty financial saving.

This is certainly the case with the Sterling Shave Club, the smart way to buy razor blades. Their service provides fresh blades every month, no more red faced, blunt blade shaving. They rely on word of mouth as oppose to big marketing budgets to spread awareness, which allows them to pass on these savings in the price of their products.

Help someone stay looking dapper and save them from extortionate prices on the high street with a 12 month gift subscription. It could be a good way to encourage them to lose that patchy beard!

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